The Humanitarian Encyclopedia is co-produced based on the generous and insightful contributions on researchers and practitioners. The following contributors have authored Concept Entries and Expertise Notes for the Humanitarian Encyclopedia. Until 2021, the Humanitarian Encyclopedia methodology and platform development process was also shaped and guided by a Scientific Committee of diverse researchers and methodologists with expertise across various fields to humanitarian studies. These researchers made important formative contributions on which the project has been built and further developed.

Ezdehar Alsahow image

Ezdehar Alsahow

Concept Entry: Faith

Yasmeen Arif image

Yasmeen Arif

Professor and Head, Department of Sociology, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Shiv Nadar University,

Expertise Note: Crisis: A note for the Humanitarian Encyclopedia

Santiago Chambó image

Santiago Chambó

Linguistic analysis, data visualisation

Antonio Donini image

Antonio Donini

Visiting Fellow, Tufts University Feinstein International Center

Expertise Note: Humanitarian action in “interesting times”

Oscar  Gomez image

Oscar Gomez

Assistant Professor, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Concept Entry: Development

Kerrie Holloway image

Kerrie Holloway

Overseas Development Institute (ODI)

Concept Entry: Dignity

Simon  Hug image

Simon Hug

Professor of Political Science, Département de science politique, Université de Genève

Concept Entry: Forced displacement

Loryn Isaacs image

Loryn Isaacs

Linguistic analysis, Concept tracker dashboard

pilar LEON ARAUZ image


Linguistic analysis

Simone Lucatello image

Simone Lucatello

Professor, Instituto de Investigaciones Dr. José María Luis Mora

Concept Entry: Climate change

Monty Lynn image

Monty Lynn

Concept Entry: Faith

Joy MULLER image


Geneva Representative, Oxfam International

Concept Entry: Community Engagement

Laine Munir image

Laine Munir

Assistant Professor, African Leadership University

Expertise Note: Traditional and human security in the age of COVID-19

Mahbuba Nasreen image

Mahbuba Nasreen

Professor & Director, Institute of Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies Institutes

Concept Entry: Resilience

Alex Odlum image

Alex Odlum

Research Coordinator, Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies

Concept Entries: Affected population, Risk

Expertise Notes: Rehabilitation or reintegration: who and what is in a concept?

Marco  Sassoli image

Marco Sassoli

Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Geneva

Expertise Note: (Mis)understanding law in humanitarian action

Martin Schneider image

Martin Schneider

Global Studies Institute - Institute of Global Health, University of Geneva

Concept Entries: Care, Health

Doris Schopper image

Doris Schopper

University of Geneva, Emeritus, Faculty of Medicine

Concept Entry: Evidence


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