Members of the Humanitarian Encyclopedia community regularly publish and present methodological and research work in academic and scientific journals based on the research behind the Humanitarian Encyclopedia.

Academic publications

  • Chambó, S., & León Araúz, P. (2023). Corpus-driven conceptual analysis of epidemic and coronavirus for the Humanitarian Encyclopedia: A case study. Terminology, 29(2), 180–224.

  • Clara Egger, Doris Schopper, Organizations Involved in Humanitarian Action: Introducing a New Dataset, International Studies Quarterly, Volume 66, Issue 2, June 2022, sqac009,
  • Chambó, S., & León-Araúz, P. Visualising Lexical Data for a Corpus-Driven Encyclopaedia. Electronic lexicography in the 21st century (eLex 2021) Post-editing lexicography, 92. (Available here)
  • Odlum, A., & Muller, J. (2021). Exploring how humanitarian actors use key COVID-19 concepts. Southasiadisasters.Net, 191(The Global Impact of COVID-19), 16–17.
  • Thibert, E. L., Paci Innocenti, T., & Picton, A. (2020). Humanitarian Encyclopedia-Report on the linguistic analysis. (Available here)

Working papers and reports

(also available in the Library)

  • Clara Egger, Doris Schopper, (2018). Online survey "How do you speak humanitarian?": Summmary report of results. Humanitarian Encyclopedia. (Available here)

Presentations and conference papers

  • Odlum, A. (2021, November 4). Determinants of conceptual evolution in humanitarian discourse. Beyond the Local: Cultural Translatability in Humanitarian Interventions. World Conference on Humanitarian Studies, Paris. (On request)
  • Chambó, S. & León-Araúz, P. (2021) Visualising Lexical Data for a Corpus-Driven Encyclopaedia. In Electronic lexicography in the 21st century. Proceedings of the eLex 2021 conference, edited by Kosem, I., Cukr, M., M., J., Kallas, J., Krek, S. & Tiberius, C., pages 29-55. Brno: Lexical Computing. (Available here)

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