Two main governing bodies

The Humanitarian Encyclopedia has two main governance bodies: the Advisory Board and the Scientific Committee.
Both bodies play a key role in orienting, discussing, nourishing, challenging and disseminating the research results.

The Advisory Board is currently composed of 20  representatives from 13 operational organisations and 7 humanitarian support groups. Members come from  all regions of the world covering a wide range of expertise relevant to humanitarian action.

The Advisory Board’s role is to:

  • Critically examine the development of the project
  • Provide strategic direction
  • Offer advice and provide input at specific stages of the process (e.g. final selection of concepts, usefulness of various products)
  • Support outreach activites
  • Develop new ideas for future activities


The Scientific Committee is composed of 22 academic leaders from research centres and academic institutions from around the world, who have an in-depth understanding of humanitarian action and come from a variety of disciplines and cultural backgrounds. This diversity ensures gender, cultural as well as generational balance among participants.

The Scientific Committee’s role is to:

  • Validate the annual research agenda
  • Guarantee a sound research methodology and ensure quality
  • Ensure that research ethical guidelines are respected
  • Oversee the editorial process and participate in reviews as members of editorial committees
  • Identify and validate authors