Humanitarian Encyclopedia platform

The Humanitarian Encyclopedia Platform is a central part of the project. It will serve different interconnected purposes, being at the same time a:


  • to disseminate the work and findings of the governance bodies, academic research, field research and regional and-or thematic workshops
  • to capture existing knowledge, share institutional and operational challenges, formulate problems and research questions
  • to link the reflection on humanitarian knowledge with existing initiatives in order to ensure complementarity, leverage existing efforts and avoid overlap.

Space for collaboration and co-production

    • to discuss and confront existing knowledge and current issues as well as emerging hypotheses
    • to generate new ideas and knowledge
  • to contextualize and translate existing and emerging knowledge into learning experiences

Alpha Version

The first release of the Humanitarian Encyclopedia platform will be an intranet offering multiple features to facilitate academic team collaboration around the globe. It will be a collaborative working space and will offer data collection tools.

The research consortium will support the development by providing active feedback and taking the role of “super users” of the prototype.

The needs of various humanitarian stakeholders have be analysed through workshops and in bilateral meetings with practitioners (Summer-Fall 2018).

Beta Version

In a second phase the Humanitarian Encyclopedia platform will become publicly accessible.

Before this public release the Humanitarian Encyclopedia team will conduct tests and refinement of the prototype involving experts and practitioners.

The Humanitarian Encyclopedia platform will be progressively populated with first research results.

Interactive spaces will allow discussion of these results and engage academic and humanitarian actors around topics of interest.

Visualization tools will be created to adapt the presentation of the results to the identified needs of the end users of the platform (as elicited during the development of the Alpha version).

Release Version

    • The release version will be enriched by new Single concepts, Conceptual systems, and Thematic issues.
  • Results will be presented according to expectations expressed by stakeholders during the co-construction phase (beta version mainly).