Evidence blog

Throughout this research project short articles have been written reflecting on the different aspects of evidence and research in relation to the development of a Humanitarian Encyclopedia. We welcome you to browse through these below.

Evidence 1: An expanding humanitarian sector

Evidence 2: A geographically diverse sector

Evidence 3: 100 most frequently used terms by humanitarian actors

Evidence 4: Regional humanitarian languages

Evidence 5: The transnational circulation of humanitarian organisations

Evidence 6: Diverse regional priorities

Evidence 7: Trends in the creation of faith-based organisations

Evidence 8: Differences in the most frequent terms used by faith-based and non-religious organizations

Evidence 9: Programs of faith-based organizations

Evidence 10: The organizational diversity of the sector

Evidence 11: Diverse organizational languages

Evidence 12: Diverse organizational focuses

Evidence 13: States modes of engagement in humanitarian action

Evidence 14: Share of national NGOs by region

Evidence 15: Most frequent terms used by international and national NGOs

Evidence 16: Diverse areas of intervention

Evidence 17: Taking part in Humanitarian Evidence Week 2018

Evidence 18: Do we all speak and practice ‘humanitarian’ in the same way?