“Unravelling humanitarian concepts – From divergent meanings to a common understanding?”

Prof Doris Schopper was invited to deliver the keynote speech “Unravelling humanitarian concepts – From divergent meanings to a common understanding?”  at the inaugural meeting of the Research Network on Humanitarian Efforts, a joint initiative of three Norwegian research institutions, funded by the Norwegian government.

The presentation raised much interest and led to a lively discussion with the audience on the Humanitarian Encyclopedia and in particular the research approach.

Workshop in Mexico – February 2019

The workshop was organised by one of the Humanitarian Encyclopedia scientific committee member, Simone Lucatello (Academia, Instituto Mora) jointly with Juan Pablo Farias, the OCHA representative in Mexico. The meeting was hosted by OCHA in the UN building

More than 20 people attended the workshop. Participants chose key concepts central to their work and then created categories to group them. The results of this exercise were quite distinct form workshops held in other regions. Two groups created two main categories: development and humanitarian action. The third group distinguished between Disaster risk management and Humanitarian Action. This categorising seems to be quite emblematic of the situation in Mexico and Central America: disaster response is not perceived as Humanitarian Action, but as a responsibility of the government (civil protection); disaster risk reduction is closely linked to development; Humanitarian Action is focused on refugees and displaced people, with migration being a central issue.

Have you Heard?

On the occasion of its 35th anniversary, the organization Handicap International changed its name to become Humanity & Inclusion. Being part of HI’s network, the Foundation also changed its name.

The HI Institute on Humanitarian Action is a great partner and supporter of the Humanitarian Encyclopedia.

Dr Nathalie Herlemont  – Director of the HI Foundation – has recently be nominated as co-chair of the Advisory Board of the HE. HI Foundation will also greatly support the organisation of two workshops in Iraq, scheduled for September 2018.

Go and read their annual report – freshly released!- you will see their new logo, and another one (tree shape)… that probably looks familiar.


On June 21st, longest day of the year, the Humanitarian Encyclopedia team was delighted to welcome 11 workshop participants at CERAH to test for the first time the 8 hours workshop format based on a rigorous and replicable methodology.

It was a rich session for participants as well as organisers. It gave us the opportunity to improve the format and fine tune content for the first regional workshops that will be held in India and Malaysia early August.

We thank all the participants for their motivation, their excellent work and contribution!

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