Humanitarian Encyclopedia at the Humanitarian Evidence Week 2017

From November 6-12 the HEW2017 provided an international platform to deploy and promote initiatives and products related to the generation, use or dissemination of evidence in support of humanitarian action.

It was the place to be for the Humanitarian Encyclopedia project since it promotes a more evidence-based approach to humanitarian action.

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Knocking at the door of Europe

Mid-July in Brussels: Prof Doris Schopper met the European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Christos Stylianides to discuss the Humanitarian Encyclopedia project.
The Cypriot Stylianides has held this position since 2014 with one of his responsibilities being to build close relationships with various partners to make joint humanitarian work more effective. And here is where the Humanitarian Encyclopedia fits right in, with its declared objective to engage a broad constituency of local, regional and global humanitarian actors, and to bring about more reflective, effective and innovative humanitarian action. Professor Schopper reports that the discussions were very positive and that Commissioner Stylianides expressed a sincere interest in the project.

The meeting had been organized by Charles Goerens, EU Parliamentarian, in collaboration with the General Director of MSF-Luxembourg, Paul Delaunois.

Local NGO’s want their voices to be heard

Listen to Manu GUPTA, Chair of the Humanitarian Encyclopedia Advisory Board on how this project has the capacity to bring together some of the wisdom that is used in the work on frontlines to be recognized in the international vocabulary.

Click to access his video testimonial from the Encyclopedia Launch on June 13, 2017