Svoboda Eva

Eva Svoboda

Overseas Development Institute ODI/ Humanitarian Policy Group HPG, Senior Researcher Eva Svoboda has been working with the Humanitarian Policy Group (HPG) with the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) as a senior research fellow since June 2012. She holds a Masters in Middle Eastern Studies and Philology, and a Masters in Public International Law. Following her studies she worked for various NGOs in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, held a position as liaison officer in a peacekeeping mission and provided consultancy work for the Swiss Development Agency in Jerusalem before joining the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in 1999. The assignments for the ICRC were predominantly field based in countries such as Iraq, DRC, Kashmir, Myanmar, East Timor, Algeria and Sudan and included positions as head of delegation, head of office and protection coordinator. Her areas of research include protection issues, the role of local/national organisations, civil-military interaction and the role of regional organisations.


Humanitarian Policy Group (HPG)

HPG is one of the world’s leading independent research teams working on humanitarian issues. We are dedicated to improving humanitarian policy and practice through a combination of high-quality research, dialogue and debate. Our work is directed by our Integrated Programme (IP), a body of research examining critical issues facing humanitarian policy and practice, designed in consultation with our Advisory Group. This is complemented by commissioned studies, evaluations and communications and networking activity. Grounded in field research spanning a range of countries and emergencies, IP projects allow us to cast a critical eye over the pressing issues affecting humanitarian policy and practice and to influence key debates in the sector. Our research focuses on five cross-cutting themes:

  • Principles, politics and the international humanitarian system
  • Civilian security and protection
  • Livelihoods and food security in crises
  • Displacement, urbanisation and migration
  • Protracted crises and transitions

We also host the Humanitarian Practice Network (HPN), an independent forum for humanitarian practitioners to share and disseminate information and experience; edit and produce Disasters Journal; and run an annual course for mid-level and senior policymakers and practitioners in the sector in partnership with the London School of Economics and Political Science. We offer consultancy services, policy advice and commissioned studies relating to HPG’s core aims and objectives. Communications and public affairs are a core part of our work, helping to promote and disseminate our research findings, encourage debate amongst policymakers and practitioners and influence perceptions and understanding of humanitarian issues amongst the wider media and public.