Gareth Price-Jones

CARE International, Senior Advisor for Humanitarian Policy

Gareth Price-Jones, Senior Humanitarian Policy and Advocacy Coordinator, leads the humanitarian policy side of CARE’s work from the CARE International HQ in Geneva. He has over 17 years’ senior experience with INGOs, working in eleven countries, mainly in Asia, and has led operational responses in a number of contexts including the Asian Tsunami, the Haiti Earthquake and in Syria during the current conflict. He’s particularly passionate about joining up development, humanitarian and advocacy programming to ensure that we are having direct impact on people’s lives on the ground, while also making a significant contribution to the longer term strategic solutions to complex problems.

He has been a leader in developing consortium and umbrella approaches in several countries that he believes bring particular added value for beneficiaries in emergencies, particularly in the closing stages of Sri Lanka’s war through OFDA’s SHARE program and more recently in Bangladesh through ECB and the NARRI Consortium.

Before joining CARE in 2015 he was Oxfam’s Humanitarian Affairs Representative in Geneva, where he focused on bringing his practical experience as a country director and member of cluster and Humanitarian Country Teams to the often jargon-filled discussions in the global humanitarian policy arena. He was actively engaged in the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit, leading first Oxfam, and then CARE’s policy engagement and contributing to WHS consultations in South Asia, Europe and globally, and leads CARE’s engagement with the Grand Bargain and other major initiatives. He has authored a number of influential blogs and articles.

Gareth Price-Jones has bachelor degrees in Business and Law and a master’s degree in Sustainable Development with Disasters. His fundamental driver is a belief that it is both realistic and possible for every human being on the planet to have access to the same resources, choices and opportunities that he has been fortunate enough to benefit from.


CARE International is a global confederation of 14 member organizations working together to end poverty. In 2016, CARE worked in 94 countries around the world, implementing 962 poverty-fighting development and humanitarian aid projects, to reach more than 80 million people directly and 256 million people indirectly