Mamadou Ndiaye

Chair of the Coalition of African NGO (COAN)

His background is agro Economist, after agriculture he served in OFADEC on policy and accountability on forced migration in partner with UNHCR. He participated to the Ombudsman Project for Humanitarian Assistance initiated by British Red cross 1999. Member for 2 years of the Steering Committee who set standards to the creation of HAP International (Humanitarian Accountability Partnership) in 2003.

  • Was previously OFADEC Executive Director
  • Served as HAP International Board member for two terms
  • Elected ICVA board member for 3 years in 2015
  • Part of the Advisory Group of the JSI (Joint Standard Initiative) who ended with the CHS succinct set of Core Humanitarian Standard
  • Part of HAP International (TAG Technical Steering Group CHS).
  • SPHERE International Board member on behalf of ICVA
  • Co-Chair with UHNCR of the Task Team on Accountability to Affected populations (AAP) and PSEA (Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse) on behalf of OFADECLed the successful certification of OFADEC under HAP International Accountability Certification Program for 3 years. OFADEC is the first worldwide certified NGO under HAP International Accountability Certification Program in 2007, OFADEC is recertified after 3 years under HAP International Accountability Certification Program.

Mamadou Ndiaye is active in the humanitarian sector for 20 years.