MSF Marta Soszynska, 2016

The characteristics of the platform will be refined in the coming months. However, according to the orientations identified by the Advisory Board and the participants of the regional workshops, some characteristics are fundamental:

  • Ownership of its users. The Humanitarian Encyclopedia platform only makes sense through appropriation by the humanitarian actors themselves. Active contributors in its design and implementation, they are at the same time its main beneficiaries
  • Guarantee of easy and effective access, especially through free and open source
  • Accessibility on any type of support (mobile application, iPhone, androids, etc.)
  • Flexibility and adaptability, favoring its evolution according to the development of the project and with a view to its sustainability



  • English will be the main language.
  • Knowledge must be available in several formats. Interactive tools and video formats will be prominent.
  • The majority of resources must be easily downloadable for wide dissemination.
  • An intranet will be included in the platform, allowing different communities to exchange in a secure environment.