MSF Pierre-Yves Bernard, 2016

The Humanitarian Encyclopedia recognizes a broad community of actors as legitimate sources of knowledge production. Co-creation will build on humanitarian stakeholders’ experience and interactive relationships bringing different parties together in order to jointly produce a mutually valued outcome.
The mobilization of academia and think tanks, humanitarian organizations and practitioners, humanitarian support groups, policy makers as well as community leaders from affected populations will allow to capture, confront, disseminate knowledge and generate new learnings.

Humanitarian organizations and humanitarian professionals can actively take part in the Humanitarian Encyclopedia, participating in identifying concepts used in the Humanitarian field and current challenges, analysing the operationalization of the concepts by their own organisation in one or several contexts. Comparative analysis among organizations will directly benefit both the organisation and the Humanitarian Encyclopedia.

Humanitarian support groups will contribute to the collaborative review and help confront conceptual research findings with field realities. More specifically, they will ensure that the project benefits from the established assets of these institutions (e.g. knowledge, networks) and that it nurtures their own mission (e.g. standards setting, training, evaluation, leadership development).

Research centres – academic or not – can get involved in the analysis of concepts, building on a shared systematic methodology. Partnerships will bring more opportunities for knowledge-sharing and visibility of research particularly developed by actors in the South.

The Encyclopedia will also strongly encourage engagement and contribution of community leaders, facilitated by civil society groups associated with the project. In field research in particular, the perception of affected communities will help support a self-critical approach among humanitarian actors and be integral to the localization of knowledge.