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More concretely, trough participation in regional workshops and the online platform, humanitarian stakeholders will be invited to:

Co-develop a conceptual framework that will inform analyses and decision-making in the humanitarian sector, with a cross-disciplinary, multisectoral and non-prescriptive approach.

• By participating in the selection of concepts to be included as entries in the Encyclopedia
•  Sharing strategic documents to be analyzed
• By proposing prototypes and secondary products derived from the conceptual framework

Contribute to the analysis of concepts through critical analysis, recommendations and suggestions
• By posting comments, asking questions, providing ideas, highlighting challenges, sharing personal and organizational experiences
• By submitting working papers, research, evaluation reports, organizational policies related to the selected concepts
•  By sharing lessons learned  and/or developing case studies

Contextualize the way in which humanitarian concepts are used to grasp different organizational and cultural realities and to compare theoretical analyses with current operational challenges.
•  By identifying areas for further research questions
•  By participating in regional workshops
•  By participating in field research related to the operationalization of concepts
• By creating “Regional Hubs” that collect regional knowledge, translate and contrast conceptual analyses with regional perspectives on concepts

Contribute to the development of resources and learning materials to disseminate knowledge
•  By providing bibliographic elements, videos, images
• By sharing links to complementary initiatives and projects and other sources of information
• By co-creating materials relevant to organizational and individual learning (e-learning capsules, etc.)