A CERAH initiative

CERAH is a joint centre of the University of Geneva and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID). It brings together a multitude of academic and humanitarian actors in order to offer a wide range of postgraduate qualifications for humanitarian professionals, to develop a research portfolio in humanitarian studies and to strengthen reflection in humanitarian action.

As an organization whose mission is to empower people around the world to prepare for and respond to crises more effectively, CERAH intends to contribute to more effective humanitarian action by offering the humanitarian community a clear and comprehensive reference framework, as well as localized knowledge and the opportunity to use, share and co-create further references on an online platform.

CERAH is in a position to leverage its partnerships with the humanitarian institutions based in Geneva and its international network of humanitarian professionals. The Centre also has close ties to researchers in academic institutions internationally. Furthermore, with collaborative work at the heart of its approach, CERAH is broadening its partnership base of humanitarian organizations, to include a richer multicultural perspective including extensive participation of civil society organizations in the global South engaged in humanitarian action. Similarly, CERAH is establishing further collaborations with academic institutions globally, including in the global South.

During the development phase CERAH will retain global oversight and responsibility of the project, integrating guidance from the governance groups. CERAH hosts the project, is responsible for the overall management and ensure its quality both from an academic research point of view and project management.