Scientific Committee

Next to the Advisory Board, the Scientific Committee includes 22 academic leaders from research centres and academic institutions, who have an in-depth understanding of humanitarian action and come from a variety of disciplines and cultural backgrounds.
The Scientific Committee has the overall responsibility for the research process and will guarantee the scientific legitimacy and soundness of the Encyclopedia. Members are expected to contribute to the selection and analysis of concepts, as well as to the peer reviews of the research methodology and findings.

The main responsibilities of the Scientific Committee are to:

  • Validate the annual research agenda
  • Guarantee a sound research methodology and ensure quality
  • Ensure that research ethical guidelines are respected
  • Oversee the editorial process and participate in reviews as members of editorial committees
  • Identify and validate authors

Subsets of the Scientific Committee will be constituted as editorial committees, ensuring the peer-review of original papers. As the editorial committees must include academics from diverse disciplines, additional persons may be asked to join an editorial committee as needed.