Advisory Board

In order to guide the project development, an Advisory Board has been established including representatives from operational organizations and organizations supporting the reflection on, and the quality process of the humanitarian sector. Members come from different parts of the World (Africa, America, Asia, Europe and MENA) and a wide range of humanitarian organizations with a diversity of approaches (providing direct assistance and/or protection activities, strengthening local, national or international stakeholders, evaluating, researching and/or counseling humanitarian stakeholders). Advisory board members participate in all phases of the Humanitarian Encyclopedia.

Terms of Reference of the Advisory Board

The Advisory Board will guide the development of the entire project and will guarantee that the project is properly grounded in the reality of concrete institutional and operational challenges. Members will give it visibility and legitimacy and will assist in disseminating the Encyclopedia within the humanitarian sector.

It is composed of 20 representatives of humanitarian organizations. Members are positioned at strategic levels within their organization and every effort has been made to represent the diversity of the humanitarian community, NGOs and international organizations, Western and non-Western organizations, Dunantist and Wilsonian organizations, Needs-Based and Rights-Based organizations.

The specific responsibilities of the Advisory Board are to:

  • Provide strategic direction
  • Critically examine the development of the project
  • Offer advice and provide input at specific stages of the process (e.g. final selection of concepts, usefulness of various products)
  • Support outreach activities
  • Develop new ideas for future activities