The Humanitarian Encyclopedia at the HNPW (Geneva, February 5, 2018)

During a 1h30 workshop, 25 participants coming from different humanitarian organisations and organisations playing a role in humanitarian response identified the concepts they would include in a resource seeking to clarify the terminology used in the humanitarian sector.

Taking the example of resilience, the most frequently mentioned concept, they then reflected on the type of information they would like to find in such a resource. This includes:

  • A clear definition
  • Whether the term is specific to the humanitarian sector or not
  • Sectoral definitions of the term
  • Some indicators which could explain how resilience is measured by different organizations
  • Related terms
  • Conflictual and-or opposite terms
  • Links to institutions which use and work a lot on resilience
  • Concrete operational examples related to the concept
  • Data visualization.

Finally, participants started to identify terms associated with resilience (e.g. business continuity management; prevention; preparedness; Capacity building) and contradictory terms (e.g. dependency; aid).